DDiD believes that in our World today only design that respects people, society and the environment can be truly successful



Dutch Design in Development

DDiD is the agency for eco design, sustainable production and fair trade. We work with Dutch importers and designers and connect them to local producers in developing countries, Europe and emerging markets. Together products are made that are both profitable and socially and environmentally sustainable.

Design and product development

For your product and range development we find appropriate designers and/or production partners who have knowledge and experience with sustainable materials and appropriate manufacturing processes.

We take care that our clients are well prepared to work with designers and production partners. DDiD assists in formulating a clear and attainable design assignment.

Advice and training

DDiD gives advice and tailor made training programs about sustainable design and production, supporting development of a successful product range. Our trainings and advice benefit businesses in the Netherlands and abroad as well as Dutch and local designers.

Our clients are importers, retailers, producers, designers, government agencies, NGO’s  and design schools.

For businesses and organizations outside the Netherlands

Creating export opportunities to the European market

If you are producer or trade organization in an emerging market looking to access the European market for sustainable consumer products in fashion, interior and kids design DDiD can support you through our above mentioned services.

If you are an experienced fair trade and/or sustainable oriented producer in an emerging market, Europe or developing country we are interested to add you to our producers network to be potentially matched with importers or retailers in the Netherlands.

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